Social Impact


Idea. Product. Opportunity

We want to demystify financial markets for high school and community college students by using the stock market as a portal to understanding the world.

To achieve this goal, we will develop an inquiry and project-based learning curriculum called I.P.O. – Idea. Product. Opportunity. I.P.O will teach students how to analyze stock prices, understand risks and interdependencies, and use Rapunzl’s collaborative learning platform to simulate investing portfolios. As part of the curriculum, we will also host student investment competitions to inspire collaboration and empower students to understand the world through a financial lens.

Studies show that project-based learning can close the achievement gap by increasing student engagement, attendance, and test scores. We take financial literacy beyond the classroom and help students experience learning through exposure to real-world, industry experts.

Students need to see themselves in the workplace in order to believe in their path to success.

Get involved!

Interested in fostering financial literacy? Looking to implement I.P.O. in your classroom? Even if you just have a question, send us a message. We’d love to hear from everyone!