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Imagine a way to compete while you invest.

Rapunzl allows users to form groups, discuss investment trends, go head-to-head in competitions, and follow your friends’ trades in real-time.

We’ve personalized your activity feed so that it relates to the most important person: you.

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  • This is like Draftkings for investing except with more excitement and no risk! It’s like free money for playing a game with your friends… Love it.

    Author image
    • Grant Baker
    • Amherst College, Class of 2017
  • Rapunzl’s a great place to find the next big stock because you can actually crowdsource ideas from the community. This totally changes the way we should approach financial markets.

    Author image
    • Emanuela Frankel
    • Boston University, Class of 2018
  • Before Rapunzl, I had no clue how to invest. Then I started playing around - trying to win competition - and now I’m on the leaderboard, up 44% in the last six months.

    Author image
    • Simone Capers
    • University of Miami, Class of 2016
  • Even before they had prizes, Rapunzl transformed my perspective on investing. Like, why haven’t I been asking my friends for investment advice?

    Author image
    • Javon Collins
    • Amherst College, Class of 2015
  • My friend won a weekly competition and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve loved being able to follow my friends’ investments and learn from top performers in the community.

    Author image
    • Derek Hanner
    • Ohio State University, Class of 2010
  • I never thought I would invest in the stock market, but ever since I downloaded this app, I’ve started to realize that I could do this. I could learn how to invest.

    Author image
    • Jose Galvis
    • Amherst College, Class of 2017

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